National Parks in South Korea

The GANP is here to help you discover, explore, and learn more about the national parks in South Korea and why we need to protect them.

Bukhansan National Park

The Bukhansanseong Fortress and Baekundae, the park's tallest peak, are pinnacle attractions within Bukhansan National Park.

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Seoraksan National Park

Seoraksan National Park of South Korean combines cultural Buddhist temples with stunning waterfalls and mountainous landscapes.

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Hallasan National Park

Hallasan National Park on Jeju Island features the tallest mountain in South Korea making it one of the most popular destinations.

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Jirisan National Park

Jirisan National Park was the first national park created in South Korea and is the largest terrestrial national park in the country.

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Naejangsan National Park

Naejangsan National Park delivers one of the most stunning displays of color during the fall foliage creating a popular place for locals in South Korea.

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Songnisan National Park

Songnisan National Park delivers both natural and cultural highlights that draw both international and local visitors to this South Korean treasure.

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