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National Parks in Peru

The country of Peru accounts for 15 of the world's national parks. It is a country committed to protected the world's natural resources through nationally protected areas.

Manu National Park

Manu National Park protects some of the Amazon Rainforest areas and delivers some of the most ecologically diverse wilderness.

South America / Peru
Huascaran National Park

Huascaran National Park in Peru features the country's tallest mountain, Mount Huascaran, and the world's highest tropical mountain range

South America / Peru


Peru is a Latin American country located in northeastern South America where it is bordered by Ecuador and Colombia on the northern side, by Chile on the southern border, by Brazil and Bolivia in the east, and by the Pacific ocean on the western side of the country.  The Amazon rainforest accounts for around 60 percent of the country's territory.

As the 19th laragest country in the world, Peru accounts for a half million square miles (1,294,994 sq km) making it the third largest country in South America.

There are 21,462 species of vegetation and wildlife with 5,855 of them being endemic.  It is one of the world's megadiverse countries.

How many national parks are there in Peru?

There are currently 15 national parks spread across the country of Peru. 

What was the first national park are in Peru?

Cutervo National Park was established in 1961 and serves as the first and oldest national park in Peru.  It is located in the norther Peruvian Andes.

What is the largest national park in Peru?

Alto Purus National Park is currently the largest national park in Peru.  It covers an area of 9,693.85 square miles (25,106.95 sq km).

What is the smallest national park in Peru?

Tingo Maria National Park is currently the smallest national park in Peru.  It only covers an area of 18.44 square miles (47.75).

What is the most popular national park in Peru?

Considered the most visited, the majority of reports identify Manu National Park as the most visited and most popular national park in Peru.

Which Peruvian national parks are also UNESCO World Heritage sites? 

The following Peruvian national parks are World Heritage Sites:

Although Peru is home to other UNESCO World Heritage Sites, these three are part of the country's national park system.

How much of the country is protected federal land?

Almost 60 percent of Peru's territory is accounted for by the Amazon rainforest.  The Peruvian government is committed to protecting the Amazon forest and 20 percent of the rainforest is under federal protection.