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Gan Hashlosha National Park

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Gan Hashlosha National Park is located on the northern side of Israel southeast of Nazareth not too far from the border.  The park encompasses a small area natural terrain that is ground around an oasis.

The park features a spring fed pool of water that draws locals from across Israel to swim in the warm waters.  The temperature of the this spring fed pool remains a consistent 82.4oF (28oC) throughout the year.  It is affectionately referred to as a modern day, "Garden of Eden."

Culturally and historically, the park features a refurbished tower and stockade, an ancient water-powered mill, and a hospitality room.  The hospitality room is locally known as madafeh.  These archeaological features represent the pioneers escape from the Arabic revolt and their first establishment.

There is a small waterfall flowing from one pool into the Amal stream that flows through the park.  The waterways are surrounded by lucious palm trees and other beautiful vegetation creating a tranquil landscape that adds to the swimming adventure.  The pools vary in depth from shallow wading to deeper swimming.


The constant 82.4oF (28oC) water temperatures allowing visitors to explore the park year round and take advantage of swimming at any time of the year is highlight of locals.  International visitors enjoy the warm waters as a refreshing escape for the day's adventures.

Things To Do:

Apart from exploring the archaeological features, the primary activities include swimming and picnicking near the pools.

Gan Hashlosha National Park Trails

The park does not feature hiking trails like most traditional national parks.  However, there is plenty of room to walk around and explore the terrain surrounding the spring fed pool.

Park Protection

Gan Hashlosha National Park was created to protect the landscape around the spring fed pool as well as the archaeological structures from the early Jewish pioneers.