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Nagarhole National Park

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Nagarhole National Park is located in the southwestern part of India. The park covers an area just over 248 square miles (642 sq km).  

The park is also known as Rajiv Gandhi National Park.  Teaming wiht Bandipur National Park, Mudumalai National Park, and the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, it creates a combined protected area expanding over 842 square miles (2,183 sq km).

This renowned tiger reserve ranges in elevations from 2,254 to 3,150 feet (687 to 960 m).  It features five rivers and 47 different streams of which most are seasonal.  The dry and moist deciduous forests intertwine with teak and rosewood accounting for the majority of the vegetation.  The flora beneath trees is thick and lucious creating a tremendous environment for the wildlife.

As a protected tiger reserve, the bengal tiger is the coveted wildlife sighting of the park.  Some of the other carnivores that visitors hope to witness include leopard, jungle cat, golden jackal, and the leopard cat.  Other popular mammals include chital, barking deer, elephant, sloth bear, sambar deer, four-horned antelope, mouse deer, pangolin, mongoose, and the porcupine.

There are also over 270 species of birds that nest or migrate through the park which has been established as an Important Bird Area.  The greater spotted eagle is one of the more exciting sightings with many other colorful birds that draw birdwatchers from around the world.


Whether its elephant, leopard, birdwatching or the coveted bengal tiger, wildlife is the highlight of the national park.  As part of the Project Elephant and Project Tiger programs, Nagarhole offers visitors a reasonable chance of viewing the Asiatic elephants and the Bengal tigers.

Nagarhole National Park Trails

A safari is the primary activity of the national park, however you can engage the park in other ways.  There are hiking opportunities, but they are limited.

Park Protection

Nagarhole National Park was created to protect the pristine wilderness which is home to the endangered tigers.   The park is a participant in the Project Tiger conservation efforts of India.  Hunting is a consistent threat to the sustainability of the wildlife.  The Indian government is committed to taking the steps to ensure the tigers and other wildlife thrive.

Nagarhole Highlights

  • Bengal Tiger
  • Asiatic Elephants
  • Wild Dog
  • Five rivers and 47 streams

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