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National Park of the East

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National Park of the East is located on the eastern side of the Dominican Republic.  The national park encompasses a total area of 161.75 square miles (418.93 sq km).  Of the total park area, 120.63 square miles (312.43 sq km) is located on the peninsula with the remaining 41.12 square miles (106.50 sq km) found on the Isla Saona.

The national park represents an array of biodiversity on the island.  Sandy beaches, tropical forests, and limestone landscapes create an amazing place of tropical wilderness.

The National Park of the East is also a place of historical significance featuring an archaeological site that has human remains, cave art, and historical artifacts of the Taino Indians.  There are educational seminars to educate visitors about the Taino people, how they lived, the practices and beliefs, and some myths associated with the people.

The Isla Saona and coral reefs along the shore provide a great place to explore the Caribbean’s underwater treasures.  Snorkelers and scuba-divers often come to the area to experience the coral reefs.  The white sandy beaches create a great place to relax and enjoy the scenery when not checking the world beneath the ocean waves.

Along with the amazing coral reefs and white sandy beaches, the national park has over 400 caves which create a spelunker's paradise.  Several of these caves may be explored naturally while hiking through the area.

There are hundreds of species of birds creating a great place to hike and birdwatch through the rainforest.  The rainforest has over 500 species of flora.


This national park of the Dominican Republic is a Caribbean Island that features tropical rainforest, waterfalls, sandy beaches, and more creating a spectacular tropical paradise escape.

The white sandy beaches attract beach lovers who want to snorkel or dive to see coral reefs and the wildlife living amongst the coral.

National Park of the East Trails

There are adventurous trails that meander through the park taking hikes past waterfalls, through the rainforest, along the beaches and tide pools on the rocky shores as well as into caves.

of the East Highlights

  • Tropical Paradise
  • Caves and archaeological history
  • Coral Reef

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