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Freycinet National Park

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Freycinet National Park is located on the Freycinet peninsula which is northeast from the city of Hobart on the island of Tasmania in southern Australia.  The national park area covers an area of 65.3 square miles (169 sq km).

Along with Mount Field National Park, it is the first national park established on the island state of Tasmania.  Wineglass Bay is at the heart of the park which features jagged coastline and pristine beaches.

The Hazards are a collection of rugged red and pink granite rock formations.  A pink tint created by pink feldspar blankets much of the area.  This is just two of the varied coastal and rugged landscapes found within the park.

When it comes to wildlife, Freycinet offers several of the traditional Australian species while also species that can only be found on the island of  Tasmania.  The quoll is a predator that used to be found across the country of Australia but can only be found in the island state of Tasmania.

A number of possum species, red-necked wallaby, and the Tasmanian devil are popular species.  The wallaby is easily seen because of its prevalence.  Wineglass Bay sometimes welcomes bottlenose dolphins, humpback whales, and southern right whales.  Altogether, Freycinet National Park is home to 49 of the Tasmanian endemic species.

Predator birds include the brown falcon and the white-bellied sea eagle.  This is coveted sightings for birdwatchers.  The flame robin, black-browed albatross, and Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle are also favorites.  Swift parrots breed between the months of September and January and can be found on the east coast.


The varied rugged coastal landscapes are one of the highlights of the national park.  Parts of the park are rugged and pristine void of human interaction.  The pink feldspar and granite and subsequent pink-tinted landscapes are one of the picturesque highlights.

Venturing to the top of Mount Amos to watch either the sunrise or the sunset is also a special treat.  It is a steep climb, but the picturesque overlook of Wineglass Bay is worth it.  Mount Graham offers similarly impressive views out over the bay, but the excursion requires camping because the journey is too long for a simple day hike.

Freycinet National Park Trails

Freycinet offers visitors with a variety of hikes.  There are a good number of easy trails as well making it easy for the majority of guests to explore some of the unique facets of the park.

Park Protection

Freycinet National Park was created to protect the rugged coastline and pristine beaches on the peninsula.  The habitat is also protected allowing native species to live without further encroachment from people.  It also protects the breeding ground for the swift parrots.

Freycinet Highlights

  • The Hazards
  • Wineglass Bay
  • Mount Amos
  • Bluestone Bay

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